Horses for sale

We have always some horses for sale, but if there is not the right horse for you, just ask us! We can help you find a horse which is in line with you - it does not matter whether you are looking for a trusty friend, a famliy-horse, a horse for competitions or one for breeding.
There is of course all the time the chance to try our horses or take them to a longer tour to be sure that it is "the right" one for you!

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Gosi frá Garði: born 2008 SOLD

IS2008157061 - Father: Tígull frá Gýgjarhóli (total:8.6) Mother: Kóróna frá Garði (total:8.1) - he is around 1.39cm

Gosi (on the left) ist a really nice guy, just everybody can ride him. He is always friendly and taking care of his riders. Kids, people who have never been on a horse befor but also advanced riders can ride him. He has nice gaites and is a 5 gaited horse. His tölt is really soft and he is always ready to work with his rider and listen to them, also in situation which are new for him he is always calm.He has been used for longer tours and also in our horse rental for everybody, it is easy to take him as a handhorse and you can always catch him outside.
Here is a link for a video of him:

Gosi is for sale: 400.000ISK / 3.390€


Mídas frá Gamla-Hrauni, born 2004 - IS2004187170

Mídas is a sensible and nice horse for everybody who has riding experiences. He is nice willingnes but always listening. He is a five gaiter with nice gaites, flying pass and good trot and tölt. Sometimes his tölt is a little bit fivegaited. Mídas would be a good friend to somebody who loves to go to longer riding tours and likes to work with him, because he is really competent and brave.

Here you can see a little video of him:

Mídas is for sale: 250.000isk / 2.150€