Pearls of the Skagafjörðurs

03.06-09.06.2024, 3 free places.

08.07-14.07.2024, 4 free places.

17.07-24.07.2024, This trip is booked up.


Perlen des Skagafjörðurs de main

Day 1
We will pick you up from the bus in Sauðárkrókur or Varmahlíð around 14h. After having coffee and cake together we go to the horses and start a first short ride to get to know them. When we arrive back at the farm after the ride, we will have dinner together in the evening and let the evening end comfortably.

Day 2
After breakfast we saddle the horses and ride to the black beach of Sauðárkrókur (about 2 hours). After that we strengthen ourselves at home on the ride before we go to Sauðárkrokur. There are different things to see, so everyone can make his own program. In the evening we have dinner together again on Helluland.

Day 3
After breakfast we start our first ride with hand horses. We ride in the direction of Hofsos to a friendly farm where we can leave the horses for the night. This ride goes for example through the dune landscape of a black beach and we are about 20km (2-3std) on the way. After we have rested and eaten at home we drive to Grettislaug, a natural hot pot. There we can have a nice rest before we have dinner together at home.

Day 4
Today we go back to our horses after breakfast and ride through the famous region of Kolkúo. This region is very well known for the old breeding line from which many of our great Icelandic horses descend. The landscape there is beautiful and you have a great view of the Ocean. The ride today is about 15km, so about 2std+ before we leave the horses again on another meadow. After a break/rest at home we will visit the Torfhausmuseum Glaumbær. In the evening we have dinner together at Helluland.

Day 5
We drive back to our horses and ride today through Kolbeinsdalur. If we are lucky, we can already see some of the herds living freely in the summer on the other side of the river. The ride today also takes about 2-3h, we ride about the
15km with our hand horses. Afterwards we go directly to Hólar. There we can see the university, the church, the big stables and the tuning grounds. If we are lucky
the horse museum is open, so we can visit it as well. At home we will relax until dinner.

Day 6
After breakfast we go to our horses for the last time and the longest ride for us starts. We ride about 30km back to our farm Helluland. If possible, we will not only ride with hand horses, but also let the horses run free as a herd. We will make some breaks in between and will be on the road for about 3-4h. After a lunch on the farm we will go to Hofsos to the swimming pool before we have our last dinner together on Helluland.

Day 7
After breakfast it is time to say goodbye and we will take you to the bus to Sauðárkrókur.

Total price: 1455€ (everything except arrival and departure included)
Overnight stay in our guesthouse with shared bathroom in 2, 3 or 4 bed rooms.

Perlen des Skagafjörðurs dePerlen des Skagafjörðurs dePerlen des Skagafjörðurs de


Participants of this tour should feel confident in the saddle in all basic gaits.
For more information or booking please write us a mail
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us (00354) 8478577. We are looking forward to meeting you!
PS: We reserve the right to change plans due to weather conditions. We always do our best
to change the tour as little as possible and to act in the best interest of all participants and animals.

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